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Automotive Chassis Systems (6th Edition) (Automotive Systems Books)      (Paperback)
Automotive Chassis System, 6/e is organized around the ASE automobile test content area for Brakes ..
Differential Equations and Linear Algebra      (Hardcover)
Written by a mathematician/engineer/scientist author who brings all three perspectives to the book. ..
Fundamentals of Structural Mechanics      (Hardcover)
An introduction combining treatment of basic continuum mechanics with the theories of beams and plat..
The Arden Shakespeare Complete Works
The Arden Shakespeare Complete WorksThe Complete Arden Shakespeare contains the texts of all Shakesp..
America: Pathways to the Present, Modern American History (Teacher's Edition)      (Hardcover)
This volume focuses on the events from the Civil War through the first year of the Bush Administrati..
Physics for Scientists and Engineers (3rd Edition)      (Hardcover)
Physics for Scientists and Engineers combines outstanding pedagogy with a clear and direct narrativ..
Sewn Product Quality: A Management Perspective      (Paperback)
Sewn Product Quality: A Management Perspective takes complex industry-specific terminology and proc..
Ballpoint bananas and other jokes for kids      (Hardcover)
A selection of riddles and humorous rhymes, both traditional and contemporary. Product dimensions : ..
SUCCESS! in Dental Hygiene      (Paperback)
Part of Prentice Hall’s SUCCESS! Series, this review book provides comprehensive, information on all..
Cheiro's Book of Numbers: The Complete Science of Numerology      (Paperback)
Discusses the significance of numerology in daily life and demonstrates methods for selecting lucky ..
Abnormal Psychology in a Changing World (4th Edition)      (Hardcover)
New edition of a textbook that considers a broad range of biological, psychological, and sociocultur..
Prentice Hall Chemistry ©2008 Lab Manual TE 52 experiments allow students to explore and apply conc..
Global Issues in Contract Law
Global Issues in Contract LawGlobal Issues in Contract Law is designed to allow the introduction of ..
Leadership, Ethics and Policing: Challenges for the 21st Century      (Paperback)
Showing clearly why traditional leadership strategies are no longer appropriate, this unique, vision..
Computational Physics      (Hardcover)
Computational physics book that emphasizes the physics that can be done with numerical/computational..
Indoor Air: Quality and Control      (Paperback)
This timely guide covers the various types of indoor air pollution posing serious health risk t..
Applied Physics (8th Edition)      (Hardcover)
Applied Physics, 8/e, formerly titled Physics for Career Education, provides comprehensive and pract..
Coaching the Wishbone T.Triple Option Attack      (Hardcover)
This is probably the most devastating ball-control offense in the history of modern football. And, f..
Curriculum: Foundations, Principles and Issues      (Hardcover)
Curriculum: Foundations, Principles, and Issues (5th Edition) A thorough exploration of the historic..
Career Trek: The Journey Begins      (Paperback)
  Using an engaging adventurer theme, Career Trek emphasizes ways to transform one’s education inves..